How To Shop Online for Permanent Lip Tattoo Colors

How To Shop Online for Permanent Lip Tattoo Colors

Apr 28th 2023

Permanent Lip Tattoo Colors

With a vast array of gorgeous permanent lip tattoo colors from a growing list of lip pigment manufacturers, it can be daunting to find the perfect colors for your clients. This is especially true when you are shopping for lip tattoo pigment online without seeing the colors in person. While choosing the right color will result in a beautiful and natural-looking lip enhancement that complements your client’s personal style and skin tone, choosing the wrong permanent lip tattoo colors can lead to disastrous results. As a professional, it is essential that you understand how to know what you are purchasing when you buy lip colors online. Furthermore, understanding how to guide your clients through their color selection process will ensure that your clients choose the perfect lip tattoo pigment to achieve their desired look.

Identifying Your Client’s Fitzpatrick Skin Phototype

Fitzpatrick Skin Phototype

Created by dermatologist Thomas Fitzpatrick in 1975, the Fitzpatrick Scale is a measurement of the amount of melanin or pigmentation in a person’s natural skin tone before sun exposure. Other factors, such as hair color and eye color are also considered. The following descriptions can help you identify your client’s Fitzpatrick Skin Type:

Type I: Light, pale white skin that always freckles or burns and never tans. Light blue, light gray, or light green eyes and red or light blonde hair.

Type II: White, fair skin that tends to freckle or burn, but rarely tans. Blue, gray, or green eyes and blonde hair.

Type III: Medium white to olive skin with golden undertones that can either freckle, burn, or sometimes tan. Light brown or hazel eyes and light brown or dark blonde hair.

Type IV: Olive, light, or moderately brown skin that rarely freckles or burns and usually tans. Brown to dark brown eyes and brown or chestnut hair.

Type V: Brown to dark brown skin that almost never freckles or burns and always tans. Dark brown to black eyes and dark brown or black hair.Type VI: Brown or very dark brown to black skin that never freckles or burns and always tans darkly. Brownish-black or black eyes and black hair.

Once you have determined, your client’s Fitzpatrick Skin Type, you can select colors that complement their natural skin, eye, and hair colors. For example, a pastel pink lip pigment like Lemonade may not show up on someone who has darker skin in the Fitzpatrick V or VI range. How dark or light a shade is can be difficult to determine when you are buying lip tattoo colors online. You have to rely on the manufacturer's descriptions since the brightness and saturation of your monitor or your phone affect what the color looks like on your screen. To make it easy, we have developed Color Charts that clearly lay out which Fitzpatrick Skin Type each of our lip pigments works with. Additionally, Quantum has several color correctors that can help neutralize darker skin tones if your client would like a brighter color despite their skin tone.

Identifying and Choosing Colors for Your Client’s Undertone

Choosing Colors for Your Client’s Undertone

We have all been in a situation where we admire a friend’s bold and vibrant lipstick. Then we try it ourselves, only to feel let down because it doesn't quite suit our complexion. If you have been left wondering why, the answer can be found in color theory. Following these step-by-step instructions will ensure that you find the ideal lip pigments for your clients.

  1. Discovering your client’s skin undertone. One of the easiest ways to determine a skin undertone is to look at the veins on the inside of their wrist. Their veins will either look blue, green, or a combination of the two. If the client’s veins appear blue, they have a cool (pink) undertone. On the other hand, clients with green veins have a warm (yellow) undertone. If they have both, they have a neutral undertone.
  2. Determining appropriate colors for your client’s undertone. Using a color wheel, like the one on the right, you can see that pink is on the section with cooler colors. That means that cool colors will compliment their natural undertone. Likewise, yellow undertones work better with warmer colors. If your client has a neutral undertone, they are one of the lucky ladies who look good with any tattoo lip pigment color!
  3. Find a lip pigment with the correct undertone. When you are looking at pigments in person, it can be pretty straightforward to determine if the color contains more cool colors like blues and purples or warmer colors like oranges and yellows. However, when you buy lip tattoo colors online, the colors can look different on your phone than they do on a monitor. They can also look slightly different in person than how they appear online. This is when it becomes very important to make sure that the product descriptions include the undertone of the color. Quantum PMU Colors has made this very easy for permanent makeup artists who want to buy lip pigments online by providing downloadable Color Charts for all of our Quantum Original and EU Reach Compliant Platinum Label Colors.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying Lip Tattoo Colors Online

 Buying Lip Tattoo Colors Online

While the two major factors to consider when buying permanent makeup pigments online are Fitzpatrick Skin Type and undertone, there are several other factors to consider before purchasing. Paying attention to these factors will help ensure that the lip tattoo pigment colors that you buy online are safe and will provide outstanding results:

  • Only purchase lip tattoo colors directly from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer. Believe it or not, there is a huge market for counterfeit permanent lip pigments. The best way to ensure that you are purchasing genuine pigments is to only buy lip tattoo colors online directly from the manufacturer’s website or through an authorized distributor.
  • Make sure that the company you purchase from is transparent about their ingredients. At Quantum, we are proud to use natural, organic, vegan, and kosher ingredients for all of our colors including scalp pigment, eyeliner & eyebrow tattoo pigment, color correctors, and lip pigments. We publish our ingredient info and have Safety Data Sheets available on our website.
  • The products you choose should be sterile. Because we value your client’s safety, Quantum’s permanent makeup pigments undergo gamma radiation sterilization at an industry-leading sterilization facility used by medical and pharmaceutical companies. The products are then tested to ensure that they are free of harmful mold, bacteria, yeast, viruses, or other pathogens. At this point, no radioactivity remains. This process makes Quantum PMU Colors some of the safest permanent cosmetic pigments on the market.

How To Bring It All Together

When you choose Quantum PMU Colors online, you know exactly what skin tones and skin types each color will work for. This will allow you to shop online while building a collection of lip pigments that will work for any potential client. Printing out our color chart and explaining undertones and the Fitzpatrick scale to your client will help you make informed decisions about color choices that will lead to outstanding results. Shopping for permanent lip tattoo colors online is easy and safe when you choose Quantum!

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