Quantum Tattoo Ink strives to provide a positive user experience for all our clients. We also do our best to protect all the information you provide us. This privacy policy aims to provide you with awareness about all the data captured by our site. We use the information you provide only for specific objectives, and we commit to keeping this information from any third-party user. We provide strict information security measures to safeguard all the information you provide. This privacy policy declares the intention of gathering information and the different methods applied by this site to capture data. The information you provide will be used per the terms and conditions declared in the privacy policy. Using this site means you understand that you are honoring the provisions of this privacy policy. You may decline to share certain information you consider too private to disclose. If you refuse to fill out some mandatory details, you won't be able to benefit from some functions provided by our site.


What Information Do We Gather?

We gather detailed information which is unique for every user. Our site may keep the information collected from our users for further use. We will keep records such as name, gender, age, email address, residential information, and others.

The information supplied by the user is required for different purposes. Hence, we use cookies. Cookies don't store any user-related information. They are sent to enhance user experience. Cookies are needed to authenticate the identity of the user. These also keep track of the user's browsing routine and do nothing else. 

You may use your social media profile to post a comment on posts on this site. However, your social network profile is not to be made available for public discretion. As for posting views on a topic, other registered members have the right to comment and react to your thoughts.

Aside from the information mentioned, we may use the information gathered on our site for technical purposes, such as tracking the popularity of our website. Note that these sets of data are not-user specific and are only collected to improve the performance and capability of our website. This information is in the form of a log file transmitted from your browser through the cookie.


How do we use the collected information?

The information we gather is only intended for a specified purpose. If you supply information on the "contact us" page, you must provide contact details. We will only use this to establish contact with you using your input details. When you register on our site, the information you supply is critical for authenticating your identity through your account. We may use your personal information with our third-party affiliates to bring benefits to you. You may accept the condition of that service if you agree. However, you will be given notice before the information is shared with a third-party affiliate. 


What Will Happen If I Provide My Information To A Marketing Affiliate Of The Site?

You need to read the privacy policy of the third-party affiliate's site before agreeing to share your information. This privacy policy only covers this site, www.quantumtattooink.com. We are not responsible for safeguarding the personal information you supply on another website, even if you go through ours.


How Are Critical Information Provided Kept Secure?

We exert maximum effort to provide the most secure measures to safeguard all the data provided by our site. Multiple encryptions and security mechanisms are used to help keep information safe. Attacks may threaten the information. We would like to emphasize that attacks have never successfully taken any information supplied on our site. Please provide feedback if you have any doubts or feel your data is compromised in any way.


On Subscription Letters/emails from the site to provide contact information?

We only send newsletters to inform registered members of the latest developments about the business. We do this to provide the most benefit for our members. However, if you receive an email attempting to extract personal information, please treat that as a bogus attempt. Please provide us feedback for any such instances.


Privacy Policy for Children

Our site imposes an age limit of 13 years and above. People who fall into the specified age group can share their information.


On Third-Party Online Behavioral Advertising

Our site allows third-party companies to collect certain anonymous information and/or serve ads when you visit our site. These companies collect non-personally identifiable information during site visits to provide advertisements that will be of interest to you. To know more about behavioral advertising practice or opt-out for this kind of advertising, you can visit NAI: Network Advertising Initiative.


Images On Our Website

We use images taken from open source websites, such as free stock photos or pictures that we take ourselves. We always try to give credit to each of the photos we use. However, please credit the source of an image copied from our website. If you see an image that you own used on our site, please get in touch with us.


Right to Change The Private Policy

We reserve the right to revise the privacy policy of this website. We will always update you if we make some revisions or alterations to the original privacy policy. If you keep using our website, then that implies that you agree with the revised privacy policy.