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Which color corrector can I purchase from Quantum PMU Colors?

Our color correctors are available here we offer all kinds of correctors for all kinds of skin types. Our collection varies from Gray Away to Swift. check out our downloadable color chart to see which one(s) would suit your customers best!

Under the REACH Regulation, which cosmetic pigments are available for sale in the EU?

All of our pigments are available for sale in Europe but our REACH Platinum Label line of permanent cosmetic pigment products are all REACH Compliant and available from Quantum PMU Colors Europe (

Is Mixing Solution still available for sale in the EU?

Yes. The Mixing Solution does not contain any pigments and is only used to thin out Quantum PMU Colors cosmetic and paramedical pigments. Our Mixing Solution is also available for sale under the “REACH Platinum Label” line packaged in 15, 60 and 120mL bottles.

What is the most popular method for creating permanent eyebrows?

      • The most popular method for creating permanent eyebrows nowadays is microblading.
      • In microblading, the pigments do not go as deeply into the skin as traditional tattooing or other eyebrow tattoo methods.
      • Though the application will fade naturally over time, it can allow for touch-ups to enable people to adjust their eyebrow color or shape to match their changing tastes.
      • Best of all, by using high-quality pigments supplied by Quantum PMU Colors, you can achieve the best results.

How can I prevent or correct unintended colors when applying permanent makeup?

      • First, you need to take undertones into account as well as any previous permanent makeup applied to your client.
      • Second, you can also use Quantum PMU Colors Correctors to counteract the common problems your clients have encountered in their previous permanent makeup.
      • Third, for more details, you can learn more about how to use color correctors in one of our articles.

How can I make sure I choose the correct permanent makeup colors when shopping online?

      • Quantum PMU Colors makes it easy for you to choose permanent makeup colors while shopping online.
      • We always include the full-color description of each pigment color, whether for eyeliner pigments, eyebrow pigments, or permanent lip colors. Best of all, we include the undertone in the descriptions.
      • If you need additional help choosing the perfect permanent makeup colors, contact us, and we will be glad to assist.

How can I prevent my permanent makeup application from fading to blue, green, or purple?

      • We have three recommendations to prevent your work from fading to blue, green, or purple.
      • You may use our Gray Away Color Corrector as an option. To prevent blue, purple, or green tones, you can mix this pigment with other paramedical or cosmetic pigments.
      • Another option is to use our Butterscotch Color Corrector. To avoid violet or purple tones, you can mix this muted mustard-yellow color corrector with other cosmetic or paramedical pigments.
      • To counteract blue, violet, or green undertones, you may also use our Toffee Rose Color Corrector by mixing this pastel peach pigment with other cosmetic or paramedical pigments.

What is the safest way to thin out pigments without affecting the color?

We recommend using only Quantum PMU Colors Mixing Solution to thin out our pigments.

Are all of your permanent cosmetics appropriate for any skin color?

      • Quantum PMU Colors have a broad range of colors that are designed to fit everyone.
      • However, there will be special cases, especially for paramedical cases, where our pigments may have to be mixed to create the perfect match for a person’s skin tone. You can custom blend an appropriate tone to match your clients skin tone. Combined with our color correctors, this method is specifically useful for hiding scars and camouflaging problem areas. 

Do any of your products contain petroleum-based ingredients?

      • None of our pigments contain any traces of petroleum-based ingredients.
      • The alcohol used in our product is Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol, the same type of alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages. This type of alcohol is derived from agricultural products such as sugar cane. 

What is the best way to disinfect my skin after the application of permanent cosmetics?

      • Permanent cosmetic applications will leave your skin temporarily vulnerable to infection because of exposure. 
      • Your PMU artist will recommend aftercare procedures such as regular washing with specific types of soap to prevent infection.
      • For best disinfection and faster healing and moisturizing after the application of permanent cosmetics, we recommend using Quantum PMU Aftercare. It is an effective antiseptic and can help fresh permanent makeup heal faster. Because it is made of 100% natural ingredients, it is safer on your skin.

My eyebrows are turning weird shade of orange after using inferior pigments. Are there ways to correct this?

      • Professional permanent makeup artists use solutions provided by Quantum PMU Colors as color corrections.
      • Correcting permanent cosmetics requires applying a cosmetic pigment with the color on the opposite side of the color wheel to the affected area.
      • For instance, if your eyebrows have turned a weird shade of orange, a green camouflage and color corrector is used. However, it may need to be blended with the appropriate Quantum cosmetic or paramedical pigment to counteract the shade being corrected.

Do you have permanent makeup sets available in the U.S.?

  • Yes. We have several permanent makeup sets available in fixed or customizable versions, yu can check them out here Quantum PMU Colors Sets

 Do you have cartridge needles available specifically for permanent makeup artists?

  • Yes. We have permanent makeup cartridge needles available for permanent makeup artists. These cartridge needles are long taper and were developed with artists to ensure that permanent makeup artists can deliver their best work:

           Quantum PMU Cartridges - Magnums

           Quantum PMU Cartridges - Round Shaders

           Quantum PMU Cartridges - Round Liners

Are Platinum Label Lip Pigments exclusively for sale in Europe?