Enhancing Your Client’s Eyes: Choosing the Right Permanent Makeup Eyeliner for Their Eye Color

Enhancing Your Client’s Eyes: Choosing the Right Permanent Makeup Eyeliner for Their Eye Color

Jul 11th 2023

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Permanent makeup eyeliner has become a popular choice for those seeking long-lasting, hassle-free enhancement of their eyes. However, selecting the right eyeliner shade can make a significant difference in enhancing your client’s natural eye color and bringing out their beauty. In this article, we will explore how to choose the perfect permanent makeup eyeliner for specific eye colors. By understanding the relationship between eye color and pigment complements, we'll delve into specific recommendations for blue, green, brown, and hazel eyes. Additionally, we'll explore creative options beyond basic colors to help you achieve a truly captivating look.

Understanding Eye Color and Pigment Complements

Eye color plays a crucial role in determining which eyeliner shades will best enhance your natural beauty. Understanding the concept of pigment complements is key to achieving harmonious results. By selecting eyeliner colors that complement your client's eye color, you can create a striking and captivating look that brings out the unique qualities of your eyes.

The Fitzpatrick Scale, developed by renowned dermatologist Thomas Fitzpatrick in 1975, serves as a standardized measurement of the melanin or pigmentation present in an individual's natural skin tone prior to sun exposure. This comprehensive scale takes into account various factors, including eye color and hair color. These factors make it an ideal guide for choosing the most suitable permanent makeup eyeliner colors for each client’s eye color and skin tone. 

Eye Color and Pigment Complements

To assist you in identifying the most appropriate colors for each Fitzpatrick Skin Type, you can refer to our downloadable Color Charts, which also provide guidance on the appropriate Fitzpatrick Skin Types for our shades. By utilizing the descriptive information provided below along with our color charts, you can effectively determine your client's Fitzpatrick Skin Type and the best colors to suit their eyes.

Type I: This category includes individuals with light, pale white skin that has a tendency to freckle or burn easily and rarely tans. They typically have light blue, light gray, or light green eyes and red or light blonde hair.

Type II: Individuals in this group have white, fair skin that also has a tendency to freckle or burn easily, with minimal ability to tan. Their eye colors often range from blue, gray, or green, accompanied by blonde hair.

Type III: Medium white to olive skin with golden undertones characterizes Type III individuals. Their skin may freckle, burn, or occasionally tan. Eye colors commonly include light brown or hazel, and hair shades vary from light brown to dark blonde.

Type IV: People with olive, light, or moderately brown skin fall into this category. They typically do not freckle or burn easily and tend to tan instead. Brown to dark brown eyes and brown or chestnut hair are common features.

Type V: This group encompasses individuals with brown to dark brown skin that rarely freckles or burns and always tans. Their eye color is usually dark brown, and their hair ranges from dark brown to black.

Type VI: People with brown or very dark brown to black skin are classified as Type VI. They almost never freckle or burn and tan deeply. Eye colors are typically brownish-black or black, and hair is predominantly black.

Choosing Permanent Eyeliner Colors for Each Eye Color

Permanent Eyeliner Colors for Each Eye Color

Once you understand the basics of each shade on the Fitzpatrick Scale, you are ready to begin selecting colors for your clients. Your first stop should be the Color Chart section of the Quantum website. Our color charts indicate which permanent makeup eyeliner color best suits your clients. Don’t be afraid to mix colors to create the perfect shade for your client. It is also important to remember that it is much easier to go darker than it is to lighten your work. When in doubt, err on the side of subtlety. 

To make it easy, we have provided a few of our top selectionsAccentuating Green Eyes: If your client has green eyes, they likely have red or light brown hair and fall into Fitzpatrick Type I. Because of their fair skin tone and light eyes, ensuring that you do not go too dark with choosing a color will be key to their satisfaction with their eyeliner. 

For clients with green eyes and red hair, Cocoa Bean is an excellent choice for permanent eyeliner makeup or even for microblading ink. For green-eyed clients with hair that is more blonde than red, Dirty Blonde is a safe choice.

Enhancing Blue Eyes: Blue-eyed clients typically fall into Fitzpatrick Types I and II. The options for these clients are relatively similar to those with green eyes. You do not want to go too dark because of their skin pigmentation. However, if your client is looking for a little more drama, it should also be safe to go with Dark Brown, especially if blended with one of the lighter colors we mentioned for green eyes.

Emphasizing Hazel Eyes

Emphasizing Hazel Eyes: People with hazel eyes are almost always Fitzpatrick Type III. The rich, deep, brown of Espresso is a bold choice to draw attention to their eyes and make them the focal point. Colors that are appropriate for dark brown eyes will also work with hazel eyes.

Complementing Brown Eyes: Clients with brown eyes have more choices when it comes to permanent eyeliner makeup. Along with Dark Brown, the most popular choice for clients with light brown eyes and hair that are Fitzpatrick Types III and IV include Ash Brown for cool skin tones and Fudge for warm.

Your clients with eye color, hair color, and skin tone falling into Fitzpatrick Types V and VI will need darker shades if they want to make an impact. 

For a lighter look for these skin types, Dark Chocolate is an excellent choice. When not mixed with other colors, our darkest shades, Black and Brown Black are best used on Fitzpatrick Type VI only.

Important Takeaways

Choosing the right permanent makeup eyeliner for your client’s eye color can enhance your natural beauty and create a captivating look. By understanding the relationship between eye color and pigment complements, you can select shades that bring out the best in their eyes. Whether your client has blue, green, brown, or hazel eyes, there are specific eyeliner shades that will complement and enhance their unique qualities. Don't be afraid to explore beyond basic colors and experiment with blending custom colors to create a truly unique and captivating look. With the right permanent makeup eyeliner, your client’s eyes will become the focal point of their beauty, leaving a lasting impression.