Shareen Malik Adair Partners With Quantum PMU for Beauty Education

Shareen Malik Adair Partners With Quantum PMU for Beauty Education

Sep 7th 2023

Shareen Malik Adair. With over a decade of experience as a PMU artist, her journey from a college student to a renowned brand influencer for Quantum PMU is nothing short of inspiring. Let's delve into the fascinating story of Shareen Malik Adair and how she's transforming the beauty industry one stroke at a time.

Meet Shareen Malik Adair: A Trailblazer in Permanent Makeup

Shareen Malik Adair's PMU journey started in 2006 when she embarked on a mission to fund her college education. She began her career as a part-time PMU artist while pursuing her degree. Little did she know that this "side hustle" would soon evolve into a lifelong passion and a remarkable success story.

After completing her master's degree from the prestigious UCSF in clinical science, Shareen's dedication to PMU didn't waver. Despite her academic achievements, she continued working as a part-time PMU artist, driven by her unwavering passion for the craft.

A Vision Transformed into Reality

In 2009, a pivotal moment occurred in Shareen's journey when she faced a career setback. However, she didn't let adversity dampen her spirit. Instead, she channeled her creativity and entrepreneurial drive into creating a revolutionary business concept, which later became known as "iCandy."

At the heart of iCandy was the fusion of two popular beauty services: lash extensions and permanent makeup. Shareen's innovation caught clients' attention, and soon, her studio in Beverly Hills, California, became a haven for celebrities seeking expert beauty treatments. This marked the beginning of Shareen's ascent as a prominent figure in the PMU industry.

Pioneering Education and Training

Shareen Malik Adair's commitment to excellence extended beyond her studio's doors. In 2014, she established a training school in California to impart the artistry and science of permanent makeup to budding artists. This venture was born from her desire to provide structured education to fellow artists, building a community of skilled professionals.

What started as informal in-house training for iCandy artists became a comprehensive educational program. Shareen's expertise and dedication to science-based PMU artistry were evident as she mentored a new generation of artists.

Adapting to Change

The challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020 forced Shareen to rethink her business strategy again. With her resilience, she restructured her offerings and launched a specialized school focused on permanent makeup. Her goal was clear: to provide a cohesive and scientifically rooted education system that sets new standards for PMU artistry.

Embracing the Quantum PMU Influence

Today, Shareen Malik Adair's journey has led her to become a brand influencer for Quantum PMU, a testament to her indomitable spirit and unparalleled expertise. Her collaboration with Quantum PMU signifies a meeting of minds dedicated to innovation, education, and elevating the PMU industry.

Shareen's story embodies the power of passion, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. From her humble beginnings as a college student with a side hustle, she has become a prominent figure in the beauty world, shaping the industry's trajectory with her science-driven approach.

As Shareen Malik Adair continues to make her mark, her legacy inspires all aspiring PMU artists, entrepreneurs, and beauty enthusiasts. In her journey, we find a reminder that anything is achievable with determination and a commitment to learning.