Quantum Permanent Inks Use Kosher Vegetable Glycerin

Quantum Permanent Inks Use Kosher Vegetable Glycerin

Oct 6th 2023

Permanent makeup brands continually strive to redefine excellence. But what truly defines the "best" in this dynamic industry? For Quantum PMU Colors the answer lies in an unwavering commitment to quality, ethics, and humane practices. One clear embodiment of this dedication is our choice to incorporate certified kosher vegetable glycerin into our permanent makeup inks. Join us as we delve deeper into why this choice matters and how it elevates your PMU experience.

What Makes Something "Kosher?"

The term "kosher" may initially resonate with dietary practices, but its implications extend beyond the culinary realm. Kosher certification signifies adherence to ancient dietary laws, ensuring rigorous cleanliness, sourcing, and purity standards. When a product is kosher-certified, it undergoes meticulous scrutiny by specialized agencies to meet Jewish dietary law criteria, transcending religious significance to benefit everyone through enhanced quality.

Why Does Vegetable Glycerin Matter?

Glycerin is ubiquitous in various industries, including cosmetics, with its source varying widely. While regular glycerin can originate from animal fats, vegetable glycerin is derived exclusively from plant sources like coconut, palm, or soy. Choosing vegetable glycerin aligns with vegan principles and ethical concerns, especially in the tattoo and PMU industry, where ingredients directly impact clients' skin reactions and overall results.

Ethical and Humane Sourcing

Quantum PMU Colors’ preference for certified kosher vegetable glycerin underscores our commitment to humane sourcing. In an industry tainted by ethically questionable practices, our choice represents a stride against the tide, signaling dedication to ethical practices and premium product quality. It's not just a label; it's a mission for ethical consumerism.

Reduced Allergen Concerns With Kosher Products

Kosher-certified products offer the often-overlooked advantage of reduced allergen concerns. Stringent checks and requirements for kosher certification minimize the risk of cross-contamination with common allergens. This assurance is invaluable for PMU artists and clients seeking a safe and allergy-free experience post-procedure.

Quality That Speaks

Beyond ethics and health, the kosher certification correlates directly with quality. The stringent kosher certification process subjects products to stricter controls and checks than their non-kosher counterparts. This unwavering commitment to excellence translates into products PMU artists can trust for their consistency, performance, and safety.

Elevate Your PMU Experience With Quantum PMU Pigments

Quantum PMU pigments go beyond aesthetics. Whether lip pigments, color correctors, permanent eyebrow makeup, scalp pigments, and more, we prioritize producing pigments that resonate with your skin and conscience. Our choice of certified kosher vegetable glycerin leads an industry movement towards ethical practices, quality, and client safety. As consumers become increasingly aware of product ingredients and origins, Quantum stands tall as the epitome of what PMU pigments should embody in the modern age.

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