How To Choose the Best PMU Needle Cartridge

How To Choose the Best PMU Needle Cartridge

Feb 13th 2023

best PMU needle cartridges

It seems each day there are more and more PMU needle cartridges to choose from. Not only are there an increasing number of permanent makeup cartridge needle manufacturers, but there are so many different types and sizes of PMU cartridges that it can be overwhelming. Understanding the basics of the features PMU cartridges offer can help you make the most informed decision about what to buy. 

What Are the Different Types of PMU Needle Cartridges Used For?

Round Liners - Round liner PMU cartridges have needles that are grouped in a circular shape. These needles come together at a point that makes them perfect for creating lines and outlining. This type of PMU cartridge comes in a variety of lengths, needle counts, and gauges to allow you to choose the best combination for the task at hand depending on the desired result including line thickness and ink flow.

Round Shaders - Round shader PMU cartridges are similar to round liner cartridges in that the needles are also grouped in a circular shape. However, there is a great deal more space between each needle. This makes them perfect for creating thicker lines or doing exactly what their name implies, shading. These also come in a variety of lengths, needle counts, and gauges. With shaders, both the available needle count and the diameter of the needles will be higher.

Magnum - Magnum PMU cartridges, just like the name implies, are all around larger. The needles are arranged in two rows with more needles at a larger diameter than other PMU needle cartridges. This makes them great for filling in larger areas without having to make as many passes. Magnum PMU cartridges are great at packing in and blending colors.

The Most Important Helpful Features of PMU Cartridges

Once you know exactly what PMU cartridge type you would like to purchase, it is also important to compare the features that can make some brands stand out against the competition. You should be looking for answers to these questions about PMU needle cartridges:

Is the PMU Needle Cartridge Pre-Sterilized?

PMU Needle Cartridge Pre-Sterilized

There is no question that there are some risks associated with permanent makeup. Taking the proper safety precautions, including using only sterilized PMU needle cartridges is a no-brainer for any reputable artist. Purchasing PMU cartridges that are pre-sterilized and individually sealed reduces the risks to the customer and therefore the chances that the artist will get into hot water. Always make sure that your PMU needle cartridges come in their own individual packages labeled as “Sterile” and have a lot number and expiration date on them. 

Keeping this information for your records will help you report an issue in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Each Quantum PMU Cartridge is sterile and comes individually wrapped to ensure the utmost safety for your clients. To provide them with added comfort and security, you can open the package right in front of them. 

Is the PMU Needle Cartridge You Are Choosing Compatible With Your Machine?

A PMU machine is one of the largest investments that a PMU artist will make. Therefore, if you already have a PMU machine that is working well for you, it is important that the needles you purchase will fit your machine. Though PMU needle cartridges are somewhat universal, each brand of PMU cartridge may fit your machine a bit differently.

You won’t have to make an investment in a new machine to use our PMU needle cartridges.

Quantum PMU Cartridges are universally compatible with most PMU machines including the most popular and trusted brands. 


What Is the Quality of the Construction and Materials of the PMU Needle Cartridge?

To ensure both safety and precision, outstanding PMU cartridge needles will be ultra-sharp, made with high-quality steel, and be free from bends and imperfections. The needles should be held securely in the PMU cartridge, lined up evenly, and well-soldered. Furthermore, the outer part of the PMU cartridge should be made from materials that reduce friction. These factors will ensure that ink is distributed evenly and that you will achieve flawless results. Because Quantum permanent makeup cartridge needles are made with the highest-quality Japanese steel, our needles are ultra-sharp and precise. Additionally, Quantum PMU Cartridges reduce friction between the needle and the housing using a unique stabilizing system made from medical plastic. Not only does this provide more precise results, but it also creates a quieter, more relaxing experience for your client. 

Do You Prefer Open or Closed Tip PMU Cartridges?

Both personal preference and the type of permanent makeup application will determine the type of tip you choose for your PMU needle cartridges. While open tips may be easier to clean and wipe down when changing PMU pigment colors, they are not the most stable option. A closed tip surrounding a needle offers much more stability. Closed tip PMU needle cartridges also hold more and provide a steadier flow.

After working with many experienced permanent makeup artists, we determined that artists prefer the added stability of a closed tip PMU cartridge. While they may require slightly more effort when cleaning during color changes, the amazing results make this small effort worth it!

Does Your PMU Needle Cartridge Prevent Backflow?

PMU needle cartridges are designed to hold a small amount of PMU pigment. However, sometimes pigment can flow back into the machine as it vibrates. When there is nothing to prevent the ink from backflowing into the machine, it can lead to cross-contamination between clients. This increases your client’s risk of infection or can spread diseases including Hepatitis and HIV.

To prevent this, good PMU cartridges will have a mechanism in place to stop backflow. This usually comes in the form of a small rubber barrier that acts as a seal between the cartridge and the device. To put your mind at ease, test your PMU cartridge for backflow by putting a little bit of water in the cartridge, then press the stem down onto a paper towel. There should be no water on your paper towel after doing this. At Quantum, we pride ourselves in the safety that we provide PMU artists and their clients. You can rest assured that our backflow prevention valve will keep your client safe from cross-contamination and your machine in top shape! 

Why Quantum PMU Cartridges Are the Best PMU Needle Cartridges on the Market

Quantum PMU CartridgesWhen we decided to develop Quantum PMU Cartridges, we knew we had to do it right! That is why we have collaborated with industry-leading permanent makeup artists. These artists combine a deep knowledge of PMU techniques with a focus on client safety. The result is the development of outstanding PMU needle cartridges that create the perfect lines, provide gorgeous shading, and feature a smooth ink flow for even deposit. 

Moreover, we made them safe, comfortable, and easy for the artists to use. Quantum PMU Cartridges are made to the same rigorous safety standards that Quantum PMU Colors are known for.

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