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Plastics is a shade of reddish-brown or muted maroon with a dominant red hue, but in which the green and blue contribute to an overall warm, earthy tone. This color is a deep, subdued red with a touch of brown, creating a rich and warm appearance.

Unveil the sassy side of your artistry with "Plastics," the showstopper in our sensational "Burn Book" set from Quantum PMU Pigments!

Behold the muted maroon magic, boasting a dominant red hue that's as bold as your creativity! But hold on, darling – this isn't your average pigment. We've sprinkled a touch of rebellious green and a pinch of audacious blue to concoct a warm, earthy masterpiec that's anything but ordinary!

"Plastics" doesn't follow the crowd; it leads it. This pigment is your secret weapon for creating PMU masterpieces that make heads turn and hearts race. Whether you're sculpting fierce eyebrows, crafting sultry lips, or defining killer eyeliner, this shade brings the drama, darling!

Step into the realm of unstoppable allure and make every stroke count. "Plastics" is more than just pigment; it's a statement. It's audacious, it's rebellious, and it's the key to unlocking your wildest PMU fantasies!

And did we mention it's part of the "Burn Book" set? The name says it all – this collection is your passport to a world where boundaries are meant to be broken, and rules are made to be rewritten.

Elevate your artistry and ignite the flames of creativity with every dip of your needle! Join the Quantum revolution and let "Plastics" redefine the rules of PMU artistry. Get ready to slay, darling – because the "Burn Book" set is not for the faint of heart!