October 3rd

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October 3rd is a reddish-brown color, a medium to dark shade of red with a noticeable brown undertone. This color is a rich and warm reddish-brown, resembling the hue of mahogany or chestnut.

Unleash your inner rebel with Quantum PMU Pigments' "October 3rd" from the sassy "Burn Book" collection!

Dare to be different, PMU artists! This reddish-brown masterpiece is not your average hue – it's a medium to dark red with a captivating brown undertone that screams confidence and mystery.

We named it "October 3rd" because, just like the iconic date, this pigment is unforgettable!Picture this: you're creating stunning, head-turning looks that leave a lasting impression.

Whether you're crafting bold brows or defining those lips with an attitude, "October 3rd" is your secret weapon. This pigment doesn't follow trends; it sets them! Get ready to ignite the Burn Book revolution – where your artistry meets rebellion.

Make a statement with a color that's as audacious as you are! "October 3rd" is not just a shade; it's a vibe, a mood, a moment.

Don't settle for ordinary – embrace the extraordinary. Add "October 3rd" to your PMU palette and let your art speak volumes. Burn Book Collection – because your art deserves to be a page-turner!