Hairlines by Quantum Set

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This set is developed by the artist, for the artist. Seif Sidky from International Hailines has hand picked each and every one of these inks to give you the best SMP set to do it all and it comes with 120ml Mixing Solution!!

Hairlines by Quantum Box

Key Features: 6 Versatile Pigments | 1 Mixing Solution for Perfect Viscosity | Mixing Chart Covering All Skin Tones and Hair Colors| Durable and Long-Lasting Pigments | Safe, Cruelty-Free, and Made with the Highest Quality Standards


Introducing Hairlines by Quantum!

The Ultimate Scalp Micropigmentation Pigments!


Unleash your creative potential with our expertly curated box of SMP pigments. This comprehensive set is thoughtfully designed by master artist and trainer, Seif Sidky of International Hairlines, the world’s premier scalp micropigmentation clinic. With 3 Black/Gray Hues (our Dusk line) and 3 Brown/Taupe Hues (our Dawn line), this set offers a balanced and harmonious array of 6 meticulously crafted shades to suit every complexion and hair color.

Included in this set is a special Mixing Solution, your perfect carrier for depositing the pigment perfectly in the skin. Built on the solid foundation of Color Theory, this set is more than just pigments—it’s a tool to perfect your craft. Each box comes complete with a helpful, easy-to-understand mixing chart that guides you through the ideal pigment mix in drops without wasting whole ounces in the mixing process., making these pigments last longer than any other SMP pigment line on the market. With Hairlines by Quantum Pigments, you hold the power to transform, innovate, and elevate your artistry. Create with purpose, passion, and unparalleled precision—become the SMP artist you were born to be!