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Our Ellewood Platinum Label Reach Compliant Lip Pigment is the sassiest lip hue in town! Paint those pouts in this daring shade and watch jaws drop. Time to make 'em blush with your artistic touch!

Ellewood is a bubblegum pastel pink cosmetic pigment If your favorite Quantum Original pink lip pigment is not EU REACH Compliant, Platinum Label pigment, Ellewood, is a beautiful alternative.

Ellewood is mainly used for cosmetic tattooing and is a great choice for a lip pigment. Our cosmetic and paramedical pigments can be used on their own or blended with one another to create the perfect shade for each individual

How do you ensure consistent and natural-looking results when using each lip pigment?

At Quantum, achieving consistent and natural-looking results with each lip pigment is a top priority. We employ a meticulous formulation process that combines advanced color technology and careful pigment selection. Quantum PMU colors create each lip pigment to harmonize seamlessly with the natural undertones of various lip colors and skin tones.

Additionally, our quality control measures are stringent, ensuring that each batch of lip pigments adheres to the highest standards of color accuracy and stability. This consistency guarantees that the pigment remains true to its intended shade throughout the healing process and beyond.

Furthermore, we collaborate closely with skilled permanent makeup artists and gather feedback from professionals who work with our products. This invaluable input aids us in refining our formulations and enhancing their performance over time.

Ultimately, Quantum's commitment to precision, innovation, and artistry empowers artists to consistently achieve stunning, natural-looking lip enhancements for their clients, fostering both satisfaction and confidence in the results.