Butterscotch - Platinum Label

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Platinum Label Butterscotch is your REACH Compliant secret weapon for vanquishing color foes! This PMU color corrector will tame any hue hiccup, leaving your canvas smooth and sweet like a butterscotch dream. Paint the perfect palette!

Choose our Platinum Label Butterscotch color corrector for an EU REACH Compliant version of Quantum Original Butterscotch color corrector.

Our Butterscotch is a golden yellow pigment and can be used to counteract or neutralize purple or bluish tones in the skin. This is particularly relevant in situations where there is discoloration or an undesired hue from a previous tattoo or pigmentation. In color theory, yellow is opposite purple on the color wheel, so they are considered complementary colors. When applied strategically, yellow pigments can help neutralize the cool tones of purple or blue, creating a more balanced and natural appearance.

Our color correctors are not intended to be used alone and should be used in combination with other Quantum pigments.