Burn Book

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Burn Book is a deep shade of red. This colors can be described as a rich and dark red with a hint of brown or burgundy. This color is warm, passionat, and intense.

Unleash your inner mischief with Quantum PMU Pigments' latest creation: "Burn Book"!

Dive into the sultry world of rich, dark reds with a sassy hint of brown and burgundy that'll make heads turn and whispers spread. This isn't just any pigment – it's the rebellious spirit you've been craving for your PMU artistry!

Welcome to the "Burn Book" Set – where every stroke tells a story and every shade screams boldness! With its fiery undertones, this pigment isn't afraid to break the rules. It's the rebel in your palette, ready to spice up your PMU game.

Craft the most daring, unforgettable looks that mirror the boldness of the Burn Book. From subtle hints to all-out drama, this pigment lets you paint your masterpiece. Make a statement without saying a word. "Burn Book" is more than a pigment – it's a proclamation of your artistry, turning heads and sparking curiosity wherever you go.

Get ready to paint the town red (with a dash of brown and burgundy) – "Burn Book" is here to set your creativity on fire!