Understanding Permanent Makeup Methods for Eyebrows

Understanding Permanent Makeup Methods for Eyebrows

Sep 21st 2021

With so many unfamiliar terms being used in the permanent makeup world like eyebrow tattoo, microblading, microfeathering, microshading, powder brows, and more, it can be confusing to try to figure out the difference between the methods let alone which one is the best one for you.

What is eyebrow tattooing?

Though a variety of methods are mistakenly referred to as eyebrow tattooing, it is actually exactly what it sounds like. Eyebrow tattooing is when a regular tattoo needle is used to put tattoo ink onto the skin. Until the 1990’s when more advanced technologies were developed, this was the primary method of applying permanent makeup.

The drawback of eyebrow tattooing is that it is very difficult to get the natural look of fine hairs and powder fill that is possible with newer technologies. Tattooing also goes deeper into the skin than other permanent makeup methods and is, therefore, the most permanent of all the methods. Though it may fade and change appearance over time, it can only be completely removed using tattoo removal treatments. Because of the way it fades, it is important to choose eyebrow tattoo inks that will not fade to blue over time

What is microblading?

Microblading is done with a hand tool containing a tiny needle that only cuts into the uppermost layer of the skin in order to deposit permanent makeup pigments. This method, also called brow embroidery or feather stroking, allows for skilled artists to create very fine hair-like lines that give the eyebrow the more natural look individual hairs.

Because the pigments do not go as deep into the skin, the application lasts only 1-3 years. However, these PMU pigments fade in a more natural way over time to a lighter shade of the same color instead of fading to a new shade. This allows for more easy touchups and re-application. It also allows for permanent makeup clients to change their brow shape every few years as trends change.

Is microfeathering the same as microblading?

Microfeathing is a completely different technique in which small hair-like incisions are created by hand and then dye is then placed into these incisions. While microblading can create a whole new hair pattern for people who have sparse or incomplete eyebrows, microfeathering works with the existing hair pattern. It requires as much eyebrow hair as possible to be present prior to application. This makes microblading a much better option for people who have very sparse eyebrows or conditions like alopecia in which no eyebrow hairs are present.

How are powder brows different from microblading?

Powder brows are created with a digital machine that implants pigment into the skin and results in a soft powdery look. This method can last as long as 2-5 years. However, it does not provide the same definition and look of individual hairs that microblading can provide.

The exciting news is that these two methods can be combined and many people think this is the ultimate solution for permanent eyebrow makeup! Using a combination of microblading to create individual hairs and filling in with powder brows can create a natural look that is full, defined, and dimensional like real eyebrows.

Who can benefit from permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup offers a convenient alternative to traditional makeup for anyone who struggles with, or dreads, the daily application of eyebrow makeup. Some great candidates include:

●People who live with alopecia and other hair loss and want to wake up daily with beautiful brows.

●Those with sensitive skin or allergies to traditional makeup.

●People who have shaky hands, arthritis, or movement disorders that make makeup application tricky or impossible.

●Those who sweat or have oily skin and end up with runny makeup.

●Anyone who wants beautiful brows without having to spend a ton of time on upkeep every day.

Is permanent makeup safe?

Make sure you do your research and only choose reputable and knowledgeable permanent makeup artists or cosmetic tattooists. Once your eyebrows are done, make sure you follow all aftercare instructions and use only the (&best organic permanent makeup aftercare