How to Use Color Correctors

How to Use Color Correctors

Oct 8th 2021

Professional permanent makeup artists have all seen horror stories that result from using inferior piments or bad healing. A client comes in for eyebrow microblading the first time after going to someone else with eyebrows that have faded to an unnatural orange or blue. It may be it is a result of using inferior pigments, too much sun exposure, or even an iron deficiency, but whatever the cause, they are asking for a fix and expect a beautiful, natural permanent makeup solution. Fortunately, Quantum Cosmetic Inks has solutions to help color correct common problems with permanent makeup.

How do I know which color corrector to choose?

In general, applying a cosmetic pigment that is on the opposite side of the color wheel from the problematic tone you are trying to combat will help neutralize the unwanted tone. Don’t forget to take into account the undertone of the pigment as well as that of the client’s skin tone.

How do I combat the common gray tone seen in faded permanent eyebrow makeup?

Our best solution to counteracting the gray tones caused by fading is Quantum Gray Away.It is a burnt orange pigment with a warm undertone that is specially formulated to be used as a camouflage and color corrector. As well as being used to combat gray, it can be used to combat blue, green, purple, and violet tones.

How do I combat unwanted red and orange tones in both lip and eyebrow permanent makeup?

If you have encountered unwanted red or orange tones, reach for Green Camouflage and Color Corrector. This is a dark moss green pigment with yellow undertones blended to counteract red and orange tones. It is not formulated to be used alone and we suggest blending it with the desired Quantum cosmetic or paramedical pigment.

How do I prevent my new work from fading to blue, purple, or green?
Preventing a problem from occurring in the first place is always preferable to having to solve one later on. Make sure to select the best color corrector for both your client’s skin tone and the specific shades being used.

When it comes to preventing permanent makeup from fading to blue, purple, or green tones, Quantum Orange Camouflage and Color Corrector is the solution. This bright yellow-orange pigment is intended to be mixed with Quantum cosmetic pigments or paramedical pigments in order to prevent undesirable blue, purple, or green tones.

Quantum Yellow Camouflage and Color Corrector.This muted mustard-yellow color corrector is intended to be combined with Quantum cosmetic or paramedical pigments to counteract purple and violet tones.

Another option is Quantum Blue Neutralizer. This pastel peach pigment with golden undertones can be mixed with any Quantum cosmetic or paramedical pigment to balance out blue, green, purple, or violet tones.

What are black and white color correctors used for?

Quantum Black Camouflage and Color Corrector can be used to darken eyebrow pigments. While it can be used alone, consider adding a little Orange to combat unwanted blue tones.

With Quantum White Camouflage and Color Corrector, a little goes a long way! It can be mixed with any Quantum cosmetic or paramedical pigment to create a brighter more vibrant color. It can also be used for color correction on very light skin tones.

How can I think out pigments without affecting the color?

Quantum Mixing Solution is a clear slightly viscous liquid that can be safely mixed with any of our cosmetic or paramedical pigments to thin them out without affecting the color. If you are looking for beautiful flawless permanent makeup results, we do not recommend mixing our pigments with anything else.

Whether you are looking to fix a permanent makeup blunder made by someone else or prevent future problems and create long-lasting results for your clients, Quantum Cosmetic Inks has the solution. Choose our products to give your client the beautiful, natural results that will have everyone asking “Who does your permanent makeup?”