Choosing Pigments With the Best Ingredients

Choosing Pigments With the Best Ingredients

Sep 8th 2021

At Quantum Cosmetic Pigments, we take great pride in the fact that we use only the  highest quality ingredients in our permanent makeup pigments. Because we strongly believe that Quantum has the best permanent makeup ink, we are delighted to share exactly what we put in our formula with our customers and their clients. Here are a few questions to ask and properties to look for when choosing permanent cosmetic tattoo ink to ensure that you provide your permanent makeup clients with the absolute best results:

Does Quantum use organic or inorganic pigments?

You will see the statement across our website saying that “We use natural pigments, sourced from the earth. None of our pigments ever come from animals.” Not only does this make our pigments cruelty-free, but as an added bonus, organic pigments provide brighter colors. That means that they work well for a variety of uses, especially for natural-looking lip and areola applications. Oil dispersible organic pigments blend with the skin better and are less likely to clump.

Many permanent makeup inks are not vegan. What makes Quantum different?

According to PETA , non-vegan tattoo and permanent makeup inks may contain “bone char, glycerin from animal fat, gelatin from hooves, or shellac from beetles.” Quantum tattoo inks do not include any of these ingredients. We use kosher vegetable glycerine, a vegan plant-based sugar alcohol, to provide lubrication and hydration to the skin during the application process. Using just the right amount of vegetable glycerine is one of the important steps in creating the unique viscosity of our formula.

Why do you use ethyl alcohol?

According to a study by Dr.  Cho Myungshin Ethyl alcohol is “one of the most important ingredients” of tattoo ink because “it prevents bacterial contamination of the tattoo ink and distributes pigments in the skin enabling the even appearance of a finished tattoo.” Quantum uses ethyl alcohol to ensure both the safety and the even tone of your permanent cosmetic tattoo.

What other ingredients do you use to create permanent ink with the perfect consistency?

We use distilled water that is free of any impurities or added minerals. The distilled water works together with the ethyl alcohol as a carrier for the ink.

Why do you use Eucalyptus in your cosmetic ink?

Eucalyptus has many known benefits including antiseptic and antibacterial properties to prevent infection. Research also shows that eucalyptus may also have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. As an added bonus, it smells great too!

Wait, you have herbs in your permanent makeup supplies?

Yes! Our formula also contains thymol, a compound derived from the herb thyme. Just like eucalyptus, thymol has a ton of health benefits! We use it primarily for its strong antibacterial properties. Studies have shown that it has effects that help protect against staph infections.

What other plant-based ingredients can be found in your cosmetic pigments?

We also use menthol derived from mentha (or mint) plants. While we use menthol primarily for the natural fresh scent, it also has slight cooling and analgesic properties.

If those last few questions have you excited for other products with high-quality ingredients, healing properties, and an amazing natural scent, check out our  Quantum Cosmetic Aftercare.

For more information about the ingredients that we use, you can view the Material Safety Data Sheet for any of our inks on the  MSDS section of our website.