Areola Set

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Our Areola set will help you find, correct and/or match any color needed for Areola treatments. It comes in a glossy pink box and cosists of the following 8 colors:

  • Milkshake: this color can be used as a base color for Fitzpatrick Skin tone 1-3.  Naturally can be added for a warmer color and Cream can be added to diffuse the outer edges of the areola and to give it a more natural look.
  • Toffee Rose : a few drops of this color can be added to lighten any mixture
  • Cream : this color can be added as a highligh and to create 3D Nipples
  • Naturally : by adding a few drop of this color you can warm up your Areaola color mixture
  • Rose Red : this is a base color, you can add Naturally and/or Milkshake to make the best base.
  • Lollipop : gives you more of a pink Areola, add mauve to create a warmer looking nipple.
  • Dark Brown : By adding a few drops of this color to your mixture you can darken it up to make a 3D nipple. Suitable for a base combined with Milk Shake for Fitzpatrick Skin tone 4-6.
  • Mauve : this is the perfect color to dreate a nipple and for 3D details. You can lighten it up by adding a few drops of Toffee Rose, or darken it by adding a few drops of Dark Brown

When you start working with your customer, select a base color for the reconstructed Areola by matching with the
Areola on the opposite breast. For bilateral reconstruction, select a color to best match your clients skin tone, at least two variations (lighter and darker) of the base color is your best option. The goal is to achieve a nipple/areola complex that is as natural looking as possible.

As such, a few points to remember are:
• The nipple is usually several shades darker than the areola. This also gives a three-dimensional appearance to the nipple.
• A lighter color “halo” can be drawn around the nipple to enhance the three-dimensional appearance.
• The base color should be used on the areola.
• The lighter color variation should be used around the outer line of the areola to give a diffused edge and natural appearance.

Important to Remember: for unilateral reconstruction, match colors to the opposite breast.